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Monthly Archives: December 2019

  1. Cardio for Weight Loss

    Cardio for Weight Loss

    The most energetic exercise and the fastest fat-burning workout is a cardiovascular workout or most popularly known as an aerobic workout. Cardio for weight loss does not require any gym equipment and can be done in your personal spaces. It helps in pumping blood in the entire body and regulating the flow of oxygen. Professional trainers recommend it as it strengthens muscles, removes calories and helps to shed excess fats as well. Just 20-minute cardio and 30 seconds resting in intervals will do wonders and get you a toned body. So why not start from today? 

    Below is a list of fat burning cardio workout that can be done in the comfort of your living room without the need for additional space or equipment. Remember to use a mat and a good pair of jogging shoes to do it.  


    To start with let’s do some jumping jacks. This fat burning cardio

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  2. Morning Pre Workout Meal

    Morning Pre Workout Meal

    Regardless of doing rigorous exercise, you’ll be at a disadvantage if you're not taking the right nutrient. Whether you want to work out to have a good physique or for weight loss, morning pre-workout meal is the most essential part. As we work out our body's protein breaks down which will eventually lower the rate of muscle building. The perfect mantra for getting the best body is to take a meal an hour before.

    A morning workout food requires an optimum amount of carbohydrates and protein. Avoid taking fat in your diet as it slows down the process of digestion. Taking at least 4 egg whites in the morning helps in saving muscle tears during a workout and also the carbohydrate in it adds extra energy which is a must during a workout. Just 20 minutes before a workout, caffeine added to your diet will help you stay focused and healthy during the workout. Certain more food to eat before the gym is mentioned in this article for t

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  3. What is a Mass Gainer and Benefits?

    What is a Mass Gainer and Benefits?

    Mass gainers are popular high-calorie supplements that can help boost your bodybuilding plan. Visit our products section online to order the best mass gainer in India straight to your doorstep.

    As opposed to whey protein, one serving of a typical mass gainer can contain up to 1500 calories. They contain different types of nutrients important for mass gain- carbohydrates, proteins and a small amount of fats. Their general carbs to protein ratio is usually 5:1, that is, over 80% of carbohydrates (in the form of fast absorbing sugars such as glucose and maltose) and less than 20% of proteins. Read on to find out more about mass gainer benefits:

    Increases calorie consumption, the healthy way

    If you struggle to find the right things to eat in order to meet the calorie requirement for the day, mass gainers are your best friend. Your aversion to eating won’

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  4. The Benefits of Whey Protein

    The Benefits of Whey Protein

    Anyone looking to build their body or even follow an effective exercise regimen must now about whey protein and its usefulness. Visit the best online supplement store in India at Supplement Sack to purchase our high-quality and authentic range of whey protein supplements.

    Proteins are called bodybuilding nutrients for a good reason. They contain amino acids, which help in replenishing muscle tissue as well as repairing fatigued or damaged tissue. Whey protein particularly is extracted from milk during the production of cheese. There are three main types of whey protein available in the market- whey concentrate, whey isolate and whey hydrolysate. It is tasty and easy to consume in many ways- you can choose to make a shake out of it (always use skim milk!), put it in some cookies, or just take it in powder form.  Read on to find out more about the benefits of whey protein.

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  5. Glutamine


    Along with dieting and working out, supplements play a pivotal role in physical fitness. Nutrition supplements in India have been embraced much like the rest of the world. From Whey proteins to Glutamine,these nutrition supplements have changed the path of fitness. Glutamine, essentially, is an amino acid produced naturally in the body. It is an important component of muscle protein, and is crucial for body building. Supplement Sack is a distributor of a variety of nutritional supplements. Our company began as an online superstore, offering quality products at reasonable rates. Supplement Sack in India, located in New Delhi, started with a vision to eliminate the middleman and reach customers directly. Their products include Whey Proteins, Weight Gainers, BCAAs (BlockedChain Amino Acids), Glutamine, Creatine, amo

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  6. Water during Workout

    Water during Workout

    Here at Supplement Sack, we know that true fitness comes from a well-balanced life, with the right amount of everything- from nutrition to exercise to water. Water intake is crucial for bodybuilders, athletes, those looking to burn fat and everyone else who just would like to do some regular exercise. It is important for an average human being to drink a sufficient amount of water per day, but for those who are on rigorous workout schedules, this must not just be important, but the number one priority. Check out our supplement store to see our high-quality products! Supplement Sack India is one among the only authentic companies in the country that offer authentic products that are reasonably priced.

    Some of the most-asked questions about water intake are whether it affects one’s workout, and how. Here

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