Beginner Workout Plan

Beginner Workout Plan

“Miracles are for beginners”, a great statement given by the great british writer C.S.Lewis. In this world of fitness, this statement fits the best. Beginning to be fit is like beginning to be confident and putting an end to being a mediocre. 

Regular exercise with a proper plan helps you to unravel the undiscovered charm of your body and mind. It helps you to be happy both with your external and inner self. 

There are an infinite set of information regarding fitness, both online and offline often misdirecting the inexperienced. Successful people are not those who do different things but those who do things differently. Therefore, to help all the newbies out there to succeed, we bring to you this guide of beginner workout plan with very detailed and well-thought proposition. Here are some starter tips. 

TIP 1:Stop Procrastinating

 If you are someone who would push your workout sessions to tomorrow, then reme

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