What is a Mass Gainer and Benefits?

What is a Mass Gainer and Benefits?

Mass gainers are popular high-calorie supplements that can help boost your bodybuilding plan. Visit our products section online to order the best mass gainer in India straight to your doorstep.

As opposed to whey protein, one serving of a typical mass gainer can contain up to 1500 calories. They contain different types of nutrients important for mass gain- carbohydrates, proteins and a small amount of fats. Their general carbs to protein ratio is usually 5:1, that is, over 80% of carbohydrates (in the form of fast absorbing sugars such as glucose and maltose) and less than 20% of proteins. Read on to find out more about mass gainer benefits:

Increases calorie consumption, the healthy way

If you struggle to find the right things to eat in order to meet the calorie requirement for the day, mass gainers are your best friend. Your aversion to eating won’

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