About BCAA Benefits and Usage

Workout enthusiasts have probably heard about the Branched-chain amino acids or BCAA. These are special components in supplements that boost workout efficiency. You may wonder how these works to provide an extra edge on our bodies. Okay, we're here to fill your head with some BCAA-related information and how your body profits.



BCAA or branched-chain amino acids are building blocks of protein that when taken work to build muscles, repair injured muscles, boost energy and strengthen your immune system. Our body too produces amino acids, but the most essential ones are given through supplements. While it is suggested to acquired basic protein from the nutritional diet, however, high-intensity workout consumes all the protein provided and therefore it becomes necessary to add a dietary supplement. BCAA online in India by Supplement Sack has solved the major issue for hunting for a proper supplement. The major amino acids in BCAA are-

  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine

These are the only ones that form chains and are grouped together. BCAA online in India has made a lot of popularity amongst gym-goers and other athletes.

BCAA is easily accessible via Supplement Sack, one of the best sites to buy supplements in India. You may wonder how to trust bodybuilding supplements in an online platform. You need not worry as Supplement Sack guarantees authenticity since there is no middleman, and you can easily reach us our contact information is available on the website. Let us move on to add more data about BCAA benefits and its dosage.



  • BCAA is mainly taken by athletes before or after a high-intensity workout for building muscles and reducing muscle cramps. It has been studied that BCAA is the fastest muscle building supplement amongst dietary supplements. BCAA also gives extra energy during the performance and does not cause tiredness after a workout. Cortisol that causes muscle breakdown is managed by BCAA.
  • BCAA also functions in fat burning and muscle mass preservation. The extra weight is reduced and the amino acids in it enter the muscle tissue directly to work on it. A proper diet along with the BCAA supplement has shown noticeable results for those working for a weight loss and a buff body. BCAA's three major amino acids are working on muscle building. BCAA fiber helps to digest quickly.
  • For most of the gym enthusiasts who feel more tired BCAA is recommended as it provides more energy to work for longer hours. This eliminates lethargy and during workouts provides easy muscle recovery.
  • Other than gym-goers CAA is also recommended for people suffering from poor brain performance due to liver issues. It has shown significant results in people suffering from hepatic encephalopathy that leads to coma in most cases.
  • The body tends to lose protein during chronic illness, BCAA helps in retaining the amount of protein. Additionally, to fight infection, it adds strength to the body. Leucine one of the amino acids in BCAA has also shown to reduce the possibility of the growth of cancerous cells.
  • In various studies it has been shown that the amino acids in BCAA absorb the sugar from the blood into the muscles hence lowering the overall blood sugar level in the body. This argument, however, still requires proof of more research as a fact.



BCAA supplement consumption depends from individual to individual. People who get enough protein from their diet and do not do high-intensity workouts should consult their doctor before taking a BCAA supplement. However, it is said that if taken once a day, 15 mg of the supplement does not harm.

Since the body type and requirements differ on the basis of gender as well, women are suggested to take around 8 grams of the supplement while men are recommended to take 11 grams per day.

The best time to take the BCAA supplement is one hour before or after a workout as the muscles require more protein at that time.

Athletes or people who perform high-intensity workouts should include 10 to 20 grams of the supplement in their daily diet.

BCAA should not be given to breastfeeding or pregnant women and it is also not recommended for before and after surgery as it lowers the sugar level which is most required at that time.


BCAA are essential amino acids that are highly recommended for those performing the intense workout to be added to the diet. These amino acids are not produced by our body so it becomes a necessity to add them to our daily diet. BCAA, however, should be taken only after consulting a sports coach or your doctor as it may have side effects for certain people suffering from allergies or other diseases.