Beginner Workout Plan

“Miracles are for beginners”, a great statement given by the great british writer C.S.Lewis. In this world of fitness, this statement fits the best. Beginning to be fit is like beginning to be confident and putting an end to being a mediocre. 

Regular exercise with a proper plan helps you to unravel the undiscovered charm of your body and mind. It helps you to be happy both with your external and inner self. 

There are an infinite set of information regarding fitness, both online and offline often misdirecting the inexperienced. Successful people are not those who do different things but those who do things differently. Therefore, to help all the newbies out there to succeed, we bring to you this guide of beginner workout plan with very detailed and well-thought proposition. Here are some starter tips. 

TIP 1:Stop Procrastinating

 If you are someone who would push your workout sessions to tomorrow, then remember that “tomorrow” is not going to arrive if you do not begin “today”. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your procrastinate-alarm off until you reach your goal.


You can avoid procrastinating by setting a goal each day and rewarding yourself for completing it. This activity keeps you motivated. As you continue it, procrastination eventually wears out until workout becomes your habit. Slowly, turn your habit into a healthy fitness addiction and then you will be unstoppable. 

TIP 2:Equilibrium workout

 Once you have started exercising, regularity becomes one of the major tasks to be taken care of, otherwise you would have to grimace over your well-planned routine gone futile. 

Check out what is best for you and follow the same consistently. Plan your workout so that your complete body is toned and not just a few parts.

 Plan keeping in mind your personal and already set-up work schedules. It is best to have a routine where you workout for at least 5 days a week and giving rest to your body for the other two days helps you recover and perform actively from the next session. Remember that it is not how intense your workout is but it is about how consistent you are in your workout. 

TIP 3:Start with the basics

HIIT and weightlifting on first day of your fitness journey ruins your mood as well as your tissues and muscles. Begin with the fundamental exercises and then gradually increase the levels based on your needs and that will show the best results. Here are the most elementary but effective exercises:

  • Jumping jacks, rotational jacks, squat jacks.
  • Static lunges, walking lunges, curtsy lunges.
  • Push-ups, squats, shoulder press.
  • Pull-ups, cable row, barbell row.


It’s time for a Timetable!

Working out all 7 days of the week might turn out to be tiring. So, let’s schedule your workout for 5 days a week and give your body 2 days rest. The best workout schedule includes 3 days of strength training and cardio for 2 days. Your timetable also depends on your needs. If you want to build muscle then strength training for 4 days and cardio for a day. But, if your need is to improve your endurance, flexibility and stamina then include cardio for 4 days and strength train for a day. Remember to train your body completely


Full body workout plan

Before you start your full body workout, it is crucial to warm-up your body parts to avoid cramps. A proper warm-up loosens your muscles and helps in easy motion.


Day 1: Cardio-60 min

  • Squat jumps
  • Box jumps
  • Rotational jacks
  • Mountain climbs
  • Burpees


Follow the same sets for Day 2- cardio


Day 3: Strength Train-45min to 60 min


  • Band chest fly
  • Incline dumbbell bench press
  • Half kneeling chest press
  • Push ups



  • Pike press up
  • Dumbbell overhead press
  • Barbell upright row
  • Dumbbell lateral rise



Day 4: Strength train


  • Barbell curls
  • Reverse curls
  • Close grip bench press
  • Hammer curl



  • Swiss ball wall squat
  • Lunges
  • Step ups
  • Glutes bridge


Day 5: Strength train

Back and abs

  • Hyperextensions
  • Chin ups
  • Superman planks
  • Renegade rows