Cardio for Weight Loss

The most energetic exercise and the fastest fat-burning workout is a cardiovascular workout or most popularly known as an aerobic workout. Cardio for weight loss does not require any gym equipment and can be done in your personal spaces. It helps in pumping blood in the entire body and regulating the flow of oxygen. Professional trainers recommend it as it strengthens muscles, removes calories and helps to shed excess fats as well. Just 20-minute cardio and 30 seconds resting in intervals will do wonders and get you a toned body. So why not start from today? 

Below is a list of fat burning cardio workout that can be done in the comfort of your living room without the need for additional space or equipment. Remember to use a mat and a good pair of jogging shoes to do it.  


To start with let’s do some jumping jacks. This fat burning cardio requires the movement of your entire body, hence affecting each joint. Stand with your feet close and arms at your side. Jump with your feet wide and arms overhead. Get back to the same position and repeat the exercise. Do this exercise for at least 30 seconds in the beginning and as it gets easier you can increase the time. 


This is another exercise that will get the entire body working. Even though the name suggests jogging you need not go anywhere to jog. You can do it at the place you are standing in. As you start jogging start lifting your legs higher and jog. This may get a little difficult but is the best cardio for weight loss. Do this exercise for a minute at first and then you may increase the time as it gets easier. 


Another intense exercise of jumping, this one requires only one rope and can be done anywhere. You need to jump while moving the rope over your body just like you did when you were a little kid. Little did we know that today this exercise would be so beneficial for our body. Jumping rope has been included in cardiovascular exercise as it helps in burning fats and increasing heart rate. You can jump rope for a number of counts of your choice and increase it as it gets easier. 


An exercise that looks like we are climbing a mountain this exercise is done on a mat. Get into a push-up position with your arms straight on the ground and do not bend your body. Now alternately lift your knees to your chest one by one. Start it slowly and then increase the pace. This exercise not only burns fat but makes your arms stronger and posture accurate. Do this exercise for 30 seconds and increase the time as it gets easier. 


Everyone knows a perfect squat which may seem slightly easier. This exercise involves both squats and jumps. Since cardio workouts include a certain amount of intensity the exercise will help in increasing the heart rate. Get into a perfect squat position and jump as you get up. Get back to the same position and do this exercise 20 times.