Foods To Gain Muscle

There are tons of bodybuilding supplements in the market ready to get branded the best. But, the foods that are found naturally are no match for these man-made supplements. While buying supplements you would think twice not able to decide which one is of the best quality and suits you. No need to worry about that while using these natural resources since they do not have any kind of side effects. 

The nutrients required to build muscle as well as burn calories are protein, calcium, zinc, magnesium, omega 3, vitamin C, fiber, and many more. There are various foods providing these nutrients in large quantities. Here are some of the popular foods to gain muscle. 

1) Eggs 

Eggs are the source of quality protein, healthy fats. It also contains vitamins that assist the body in the production of energy. 

Proteins are composed of amino acids. Eggs contain one of the most crucial amino acids, leucine, that helps to build muscle. 

Egg yolks contain a large amount of cholesterol and therefore not advisable. Instead, egg whites are healthy to consume. Eggs also help in the recovery and growth of muscle tissues. 

2) Quinoa 

Quinoa is the source of carbohydrates which protects the body from fatigue. Quinoa is a pseudo-cereal which contains a high amount of fiber. 

It is also a great diet food for those who do not have tolerance towards gluten. It contains all the essential amino acids and therefore acts as a great source of protein. 

It improves metabolic rates. It also assists in the fat-burning process as it contains proteins that reduce the urge to eat. 

3) Cottage Cheese 

Cheese contains plenty of whey protein, which is the best for muscle growth. It contains all the 8 essential amino acids. There are numerous types of cheese, but the only helpful one in muscle growth is cottage cheese. 

It is milky and creamy with a mild flavor. This says that cottage cheese does not undergo any kind of process to develop flavor. It not only contains protein but also other essential nutrients like carbs, selenium, riboflavin, calcium, magnesium and many more. 

4) Oats 

Oats contain properly balancing the composition of macronutrients. It contains about 66% carbs and 17% protein which is the perfect amount of nutrients required to grow muscles and to strengthen your body. 

It is consumed in the form of hot cereal. It also contains fibers and magnesium, deficiency of which causes a low amount of important electrolytes in the body preventing muscle growth. 

Fruits for muscle gain

Fruits are the tastiest naturally obtaining nutrition carrier that helps the body to stay healthy. These fruits also help in muscle building. Popular ones are listed below.

1) Bananas 

Bananas are consumed as a pre-workout and post-workout energy provider. They also boost the digestion process and acts as a stimulator. Intense workouts lead to loss of glycogen and bananas help to prevent this loss. 

Bananas do not make you hungry resulting in weight loss. It also contains fibers and vitamins. It also contains proteins, good carbs and a large amount of potassium. It also helps in muscle repair after workouts. 

2) Raspberries 

Raspberries are crucial for fitness freaks. It improves the digestion process and helps the body get all the nutrients. It also contains antioxidants. It contains fiber which is important for muscle building. 

3) Pineapple 

It contains an enzyme called bromelain that improves the protein absorption in the body. It prevents inflammation and soreness in muscles.  

4) Oranges 

Oranges act as a replacement for NO supplements. It can kill the toxins and radicals in the body. Oranges contain Vitamin C that prevents the depletion of NO in the body. NO builds mass in the muscle, helps in a better supply of oxygen and blood flow. 

A healthy workout session followed by a proper diet plan can lead you to your dream physique. A proper muscle gain diet should contain the right amount of calories and proteins for a day required by the body. The maximum calorie intake is said to be at least 5000 calories. So, if this amount of calorie intake is not observed in a day then the muscle gained will be lost. The perfect choice of food for muscle growth is listed above and you can choose your choice of foods and enjoy dieting.