Along with dieting and working out, supplements play a pivotal role in physical fitness. Nutrition supplements in India have been embraced much like the rest of the world. From Whey proteins to Glutamine,these nutrition supplements have changed the path of fitness. Glutamine, essentially, is an amino acid produced naturally in the body. It is an important component of muscle protein, and is crucial for body building. Supplement Sack is a distributor of a variety of nutritional supplements. Our company began as an online superstore, offering quality products at reasonable rates. Supplement Sack in India, located in New Delhi, started with a vision to eliminate the middleman and reach customers directly. Their products include Whey Proteins, Weight Gainers, BCAAs (BlockedChain Amino Acids), Glutamine, Creatine, among several others. Our companyimports only from authorized brands and assures safety and authenticity.

Naturally occurring in our bodies, Glutamine performs several functions. Glutamine helps in repairing and building muscles. It also forms a critical part of the immune system. After a workout, the Glutamine levels in the body reduce and supplements become necessary.Among various nutrition supplements, Glutamine is preferred by many people due to its ability to be consumed as protein shakes or sports drinks. Our organisationhas ‘unflavored’ Glutamine powder, making it possible to be mixed with any drink of the consumer’s choice. Theproducts offered by our company have a wide range of benefits, including muscle rebuilding and digestion.

The benefits of Glutamine exist outside of muscle building as well. It has been proven effective on sickle-cell disease, burns, and weight loss from HIV/AIDS.

Glutamine exists in two forms: L-glutamine and D-glutamine. These are identical, but have a slightly different molecular structure. The form found in supplements is L-glutamine, generally known as Glutamine. It is also found in several foods, such as eggs, tofu, corn, etc. The body usually produces the amount of amino acids required. However, sometimes, there might be a deficiency. Deficiency might be caused due to stress, trauma, infections, rigorous exercise, chemotherapy, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.

Glutamine, in general, is considered safe for all people. However, it might cause some side effects, including nausea, vomiting and joint pains. There may also be other side effects such as stomach ache, dizziness, heartburn, swelling of hands or feet, skin rashes, itching, increased sweating.

As per research, the optimal dosage for adults is 3 to 6 grams of Glutamine per day. Although it is used as a sports supplement, there is not enough scientific evidence to prove its effectiveness. However, Glutamine has been proven effective in building muscle mass and helping immunity. After a severe injury, Glutamine helps in recovery.

In conclusion, nutrition supplements have changed the way to a fit body and there are several products and brands that supply these to consumers. The Glutamine supplement by Supplement Sack help in muscle recovery and in balancing the amino acid levels in the body. The uses in immune health are an added advantage to these products. It is a highly recommended supplement by trainers and fitness enthusiasts.