Glutamine Benefits

Glutamine is an amino acid that plays a vital role in the growth processes and the proper functioning of cells in the stomach and the intestines. Often referred to as a building block of proteins, it performs many functions in the body, one of which is to provide fuel to the cells of the intestine and immune system.  

Glutamine is naturally produced by your body and is abundantly present in dietary meats and eggs. However, it may be required by your body in the form of the supplement when otherwise deficient or during a heavy workout for healthy development. Supplement Sack, which is one of the best online stores to buy dietary supplements from, presents its range of Glutamine supplements at the best prices in India. But before you decide on taking any supplement, you must possess all the necessary knowledge about it. this blog, we are going to enlighten you about the importance of glutamine and the benefits of glutamine supplements.

Role of Glutamine in body

As an amino acid, glutamine functions as a building block for proteins, which our body requires for the proper functioning of organs. Furthermore, it helps in the transportation of substances in the blood and defending against harmful viruses and bacteria.

The two forms in which glutamine exists in the body are L-glutamine and D-glutamine. L-glutamine is found in foods and is needed to make proteins. Your body also naturally produces L-glutamine which is abundantly found in the blood and the other body fluids. The other form D-glutamine, however, does not have an important role to play in living organisms.

Although abundantly produced in your body, glutamine requirements of the body exceed the amount in which it is produced under certain conditions like stress, trauma, muscular dystrophy and illness. In such cases, glutamine levels can go down by up to 50%. Since it has a vital role in the structural units of DNA and RNA, its deficiency can harm rapidly dividing cells.

Benefits of Glutamine

  • Glutamine acts as a fuel source for the intestinal and immune systems. It helps in keeping the Gastrointestinal tract by nurturing these cells.
  • During an intensive workout, it helps in stress recovery. It promotes glucose uptake post-exercise sessions. It also abates acid build-up with exercise.
  • It helps normalize growth hormones.
  • It functions as a protective wall separating the inside of the intestines from the rest of the body, thereby defending against a leaky gut. Thus, the movement of any harmful bacteria from the intestines to other body parts is prevented.

The various fundamental functions glutamine performs in your body speaks for the importance of glutamine supplements. The nutritionists recommend the use of glutamine supplements to prevent its shortage in your body. Major injuries, burns or surgeries may lead to decreased blood levels, which results in the lack of enough glutamine. This deficiency impacts the functioning of the immune system. We get the nitrogen, that our body needs post-surgery to repair the wounds and to maintain the proper functioning of organs, from glutamine only. Thus, glutamine supplements are of great help during recovery. That the glutamine supplements help in reducing infections and improving health has been suggested by scientific studies.

Glutamine Supplements for Muscle Gain and Intensive Workout

Taking glutamine supplements can enhance muscle mass and strength. They may help reduce soreness in muscles and boost recovery after a rigorous gym session. Athletes have been reported to be taking glutamine supplements in large amounts.

Although there is little evidence that supports the use of glutamine supplements for muscle gain, they certainly aid in reducing tiredness or muscle soreness.

Prescribed Dosage

As glutamine is naturally produced in your body and is also present in foods, there is no harm in consuming glutamine supplements in normal quantities. The dosage prescribed depends on the reason behind consuming them. You may consume glutamine tablets an hour before having your meal, in case it is in powdered form, you can take it with your meal.

Always dissolve glutamine powder with hot or cold liquid drink, or with yogurt if you want but it needs to be consumed immediately. Frequent blood and urine tests are recommended when taking glutamine supplements.

However, you must take the advice of your doctor or nutritionist before succumbing to glutamine supplements. Though its overdose does you no harm, we strongly advise you against its over-consumption.


Glutamine is an essential amino acid that exists in two forms L-glutamine and D-glutamine. L-glutamine is significant of the two forms. It is abundantly produced in your body and is imperative for your intestines and immune system. By nourishing the cells of the immune system, it helps your body to remain steadfast when an injury or illness attacks you.

During the times when your body fails to produce it in sufficient amounts, glutamine supplements are recommended by physicians, which can help to replenish this vital amino acid in your body.

Though there is not much evidence regarding its effectiveness as a sports supplement, athletes and fitness freaks consume glutamine supplements, the moderate usage of which is safe.