Morning Pre Workout Meal

Regardless of doing rigorous exercise, you’ll be at a disadvantage if you're not taking the right nutrient. Whether you want to work out to have a good physique or for weight loss, morning pre-workout meal is the most essential part. As we work out our body's protein breaks down which will eventually lower the rate of muscle building. The perfect mantra for getting the best body is to take a meal an hour before.

A morning workout food requires an optimum amount of carbohydrates and protein. Avoid taking fat in your diet as it slows down the process of digestion. Taking at least 4 egg whites in the morning helps in saving muscle tears during a workout and also the carbohydrate in it adds extra energy which is a must during a workout. Just 20 minutes before a workout, caffeine added to your diet will help you stay focused and healthy during the workout. Certain more food to eat before the gym is mentioned in this article for those who believe in getting perfect results after a workout.

Glucose in our body is limited, it gets exhausted during workouts so it becomes necessary for adding glycemic carbohydrates before workouts which may be available in potatoes, bananas, oats or brown rice.

Before a morning workout, having the right amount of nutritional meal will accelerate your progress during a workout and help maintain more muscles and weight loss. It is therefore important to understand what kind of food to eat before a gym. This mixture of nutrients can help in doing a rigorous workout and also keep your tummy filled.

As it is easily digested, protein shake has always been regarded as the perfect morning breakfast. You can take a protein shake smoothie by adding protein powder, soy milk, oats or bananas (for people who suffer bloating after taking oats). Blend this mixture and there you are ready for the ideal breakfast.

Whey protein is a minimal amount of protein that can be added in the meal in the morning for those who do not intend to do rigorous workout yet want to reduce weight. Cottage cheese is a source of whey protein, you can add apricots to it as well which works as the best source of carbohydrates early morning.

A toast with sliced banana and peanut butteris another great breakfast meal. Take a brown bread spread some peanut butter and sliced bananas over it. This is the best healthy breakfast meal one can have as it includes banana a source of carbs as well as potassium and peanut butter which is a good source of protein. This nutritional breakfast early morning will help you work for longer hours.

Energy bars are perfect before a workout, too, and since preparing a meal early in the morning is a hard job, an energy bar can be the best option. Such energy bars contain a high food nutrient origin and a cereal mixture and are readily available on the market. This ready-made breakfast is said to be a healthy one for those who wish to workout early morning.